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For entrepreneurs, capital is a key ingredient in scaling their startup ambitions. However, female-led startup founders face obstacles and funding

10 Tips for Women to Successfully Raise Startup Capital

For entrepreneurs, capital is a key ingredient in scaling their startup ambitions. However, female-led startup founders face obstacles and funding disparities, as less than 25% of all deals went to female-founded companies in 2023. Venture capitalists hesitate to cut checks and ask for male co-founders to make women-led startups more fundable. If you are an ambitious female entrepreneur, here are some ideas on How to Raise Startup Capital for Women.

  1. Attend Pitch Competitions and Events

Crafting a compelling pitch deck and the ability to share your unique story is crucial to fundraising. Attending pitch deck competitions can increase your chances of raising funds, getting feedback, and networking with industry experts. As managing director of Cleo Capital, Sarah Kunst, once said, “Participating in pitch competitions can significantly boost your confidence and help you refine your pitch.” 

  1. Networking and Building Relationships

Networking can unlock funding by building solid relationships with mentors, angel investors, venture capitalists and fellow entrepreneurs. Business mogul Porter Gale once said, “Your network is your net worth.” Airbnb initially raised $20,000 by emailing personal networks, colleagues, roommates  and small investors. 

  1. Utilizing Crowdfunding Platforms

Many mentors propose crowdfunding as an essential female entrepreneur funding tip. Startups like famous smartwatch maker Pebble, virtual reality company Oculus, and wireless earbuds maker Bragi raised significant funding from crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe. These startups started with single product testers, engaging marketing, high-quality images, and positive feedback that quickly caught inventor’s attention. Persistent product-to-market delivery shows you are trustworthy and willing to scale up your idea. 

  1. Seeking Mentorship and Guidance

The founder of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani, considers mentorship invaluable for women entrepreneurs. “Mentorship is critical to developing your skills and navigating the entrepreneurial journey.” Successful women in business funding provide advice, insights, connections, and support to gain an edge. Venture Studio YouPitchLive has dedicated mentorship programs for women to succeed and get financing from industry-leading investors. 

  1. Preparing for Investor Pitches

The importance of a pitch deck has been discussed, but preparing to deliver one can make or break your funding aspirations. You can secure startup capital for women by practicing your pitch multiple times to share a compelling, clear, concise business value proposition. Ensure you clearly share industry metrics, vision, growth trajectory, market size, competitors, and solutions to increase your chances of getting funding. 

  1. Emphasizing Social Impact

It is critical to emphasize how your startup helps address social issues and contributes to the well-being of communities around you. Startups with high social impact, such as educational projects, climate tech, clean energy, renewables, sustainable finance, and carbon capture, have already attracted more than $40 billion in ESG funding.

  1. Overcoming Gender Bias in Funding

Ari Horie, the founder of Women’s Startup Lab, has stressed the need to advocate for women-led startups. “Women entrepreneurs need to advocate for themselves and their businesses.” Be prepared to counter biased assumptions with evidence of your competence. Stay confident, be a voice of reason, and participate in women-led startup associations to increase your network. 

  1. Monitoring and Managing Finances Diligently

Being prudent and diligent when managing startup finance is a vital success tip for women entrepreneurs. Irrespective of whether you are bootstrapping or have access to million-dollar seed funding, be resourceful and seek a high return on investment (ROI). Keep detailed records of every financial transaction, use software to oversee budgets and finances, and be responsible with investor funds. 

  1. Diversifying Funding Sources

Diversification is critical to mitigating and minimizing funding risks. Even if you are bootstrapping, continue looking for angel investors and venture capital funds to avoid facing funding roadblocks that reduce your ability to scale your startup. Multiple sources of funding will reduce dependency and provide stability to your startup. 

  1. Look For Partnerships

It is observed that partnerships empower female entrepreneurs. The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) provides online mentorship and partnerships, while Uber Eats has partnered with a Black women-owned food business, Dine Diaspora, to help women succeed. 


The above mentioned tips can be helpful in how to raise startup capital for women. There are challenges and obstacles, but persistence, consistency, and mentorship can help increase funding chances. Subscribe to YouPitchLive to stay updated with women-led funding news and access to investors. 


What are the key challenges that women entrepreneurs face when trying to raise capital for their startups?

Significant challenges and obstacles include gender bias, low access to startup capital, and fewer mentors. These obstacles make it difficult for women to secure funding. 

Does securing funding require a network of investors and mentors to support their fundraising efforts?

Women entrepreneurs seeking funding can build strong networks through partnerships, networking events, joining entrepreneur groups, and leveraging social media platforms,

What common mistakes should women entrepreneurs avoid when pitching to investors?

Common mistakes include a need for a clear value proposition, pitch preparation and a well-thought-out business plan. Startup founders can consult YouPitchLive on perfecting their craft to increase their chances of funding. 

How can women entrepreneurs create a compelling business plan and pitch deck to attract investors?

Incorporate growth trajectory, financial projections, revenue model, competitors, market analysis, high-quality images, competitor landscape, and MVP updates to create a compelling pitch deck and business plan to attract investors. 

What alternative funding options can women entrepreneurs explore to finance their startups?

Alternative funding options include bootstrapping, government grants  and bank loans till you can secure angle investment or seed capital from VCs.