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The ultimate dream for every startup founder and tech innovator is aspiring to follow in the footsteps of visionaries like

5 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face When Considering Venture Studios

5 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face When Considering Venture Studios

The ultimate dream for every startup founder and tech innovator is aspiring to follow in the footsteps of visionaries like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Jack M, Susan Wojcicki, Jensen Huang, Anita Roddick, and Richard Branson. However, sailing into the entrepreneurial journey is comparable to navigating through uncharted waters, where turbulent weather and towering tides await us as we strive to secure funding for advancing to the next phase of building our startup. It will be rocky, and you will need some support to reach your destination.

Many of the challenges startup founders and entrepreneurs face include pitching their ideas to startup accelerators. You must have seen the famous TV shows Shark Tank and Elevator Pitch. Real-world investor pitch is nothing short of standing in front of Mark Cuban’s incisive questions and Kevin O’Leary’s icy stare.

Since not all founders can join and get funds and mentoring through Shark Tank, there is another way to bring your ideas to life. It is the venture studio route that has gained momentum in recent years. Ventures studios allow founders to raise funds while maintaining operational control over their businesses. However, entrepreneurs should be mindful when choosing the right venture studio to support their startup ideas.

  1. The Equity Number

The whole premise of Shark Tank was based on money for equity. That is also a well-known industry practice. As you enlist in an incubator or get seed funding from venture capital, a slice of your company’s pie is what investors are looking for. It might range from 15%-50% depending on the type of venture studio, venture capital, and the industry you are in. While considering the right venture studio, look for their hands-on experience, past portfolio, and equity preference so that you are at peace when the launch of your idea is near.

  1. The Cultural Shock

Venture studios, unlike the diverse sharks, have their own distinct working style and company culture. Imagine pitching to Robert Herjavec, only to find yourself in a rigid corporate environment that stifles your creative coral. Hence, research the kind of innovation culture and services stack a venture studio provides. You don’t just have to pitch ideas; you will have to live with them for months till you are ready to meet the market. You Pitch Live has a distinct culture, where they bring together a team of industry experts who are as passionate about building innovative solutions as you are. Whether it’s Med tech, Ed tech, or renewables, the team at You Pitch Live will match your passion.

  1. The Studio Support System

Venture studios are known for assembling a diverse team of experts and investors passionate about building on innovative ideas. These multidisciplinary teams are equipped with strategies to tackle problems startup founders can imagine. Innovative venture studios offer guidance and expertise, but too much hand-holding can hinder your growth. Choose the studio where Daymond John isn’t micromanaging your every move. While you receive valuable support, ensure it empowers rather than suffocates your entrepreneurial spirit.

  1. Mastering Elevator Pitch Realities

In the Elevator Pitch show, entrepreneurs have mere minutes to sell their ideas, reflecting the real-world scenario of capturing attention in a brief encounter. The challenge here is to share the essence of a complex venture into a concise and compelling narrative that resonates with venture studios. However, even if you are not fluent in making pitch decks, choose the venture studio that will coach you to create one. You Pitch Live, through mentorship, helps you master storytelling and craft a narrative highlighting the problem, solution, and potential impact within minutes to make every interaction count.

  1. Understand the Exit Strategy

Every venture studio has its very own exit strategy with an extensive network of investors for quick acquisitions. Picture presenting to Lori Greiner, only to be told your product will get seed funding after months, while it will take years to sell your ideas, regardless of your long-term vision. Be clear on the studio’s exit strategy and how it aligns with your goals. With You Pitch Live, the exit strategy includes quick turnaround and acquisition. Maybe you are an investor looking to acquire or merge, or you are a startup founder looking for the right partnership, You Pitch Live is the right bridge here.


Like other venture studios and venture capital funds, You Pitch Live is not a shark-infested nightmare. It is a treasure trove of opportunity. By considering the above challenges, you can choose the right partner to make your ventures successful. The journey might be challenging, but it’s the challenges that make the victory all the more sweet. So, strap in, set sail, and let the entrepreneurial odyssey begin!