Business Plan Set

A winning business plan can be vital in getting funds and retaining investor interest. However, writing a thesis can be easier than writing a business plan. You have to write one and defend it in front of customers, investors, and corporate managers. Therefore, it should highlight your idea and provide a strategic and technical roadmap for achieving defined sales targets and financial projections. YouPitchLive will help you craft an outstanding business plan to win investor confidence and cement your credibility in leading successful ventures. 
  • Go beyond the traditional mission, vision, and sales projections to showcase how your venture will shape the industry. 
  • Utilise the Business Model Canvas approach to outline your core business model, revenue streams, customer segments and innovation strategies. 
  • Craft specific business plans catering to investors in pre-seed, Series A, and Series B funding rounds.

Pitch Deck Set

A pitch deck is not just a bundle of slides; it is a way to convey your story to potential investors. It provides a snapshot of the problem your venture will solve and how it adds value to consumers and investors. Our venture studio, with its unique approach and deep understanding of investor psychology, will design a winning pitch deck that communicates your startup’s ambitions, making it easier to get funded and align growth strategies within high-performing portfolios.  
  • Benefit from detailed business projections, charts, graphs and visuals highlighting your stewardship and leadership qualities to lead successful startups. 
  • Share a winning narrative that sets you apart from other startups. 
  • Includes detailed market insights, growth areas, target audience, and the startup’s unique value proposition.

Financial Modelling

Financial models are not just numbers; they are the backbone of your startup’s story. They provide a clear picture of your startup’s potential and the time it will take to generate returns. At YouPitchLive, we go beyond the basics. Our comprehensive financial modelling service includes detailed cash flow forecasts, operational models, DCF valuations, comparative analysis, budget forecasts, and scenario analysis. This in-depth analysis is essential for confident business decision-making and investment awareness, making it perfect for business valuation, investor insights, and private equity portfolios. 
  • Get access to financial reports, cash flow forecasts, operational models, DCF valuations, comparative analysis, budget forecasts, and scenario analysis. 
  • Financial models with dashboards especially made for startup seed funding, venture capital, and strategic partnership.
  • Present high-level corporate and business strategy using the power of numbers.

Startup Valuation

Startup valuations can be tricky because early ventures lack historical financial information and comparables to gauge performance. Startups rely on multiple funding sources that skew the overall valuation depending on funding rounds and investor support. The business model also contains a lot of subjectivity, assumptions, uncertainties, and opinions, making it challenging to value startups. Our venture studio has the skills and expertise to reach a fair valuation for your startup that is competitive, realistic, and attractive to angel investors and venture capitalists. 
  • We use models such as cost-to-duplicate, market multiples, the Berkus valuation method, risk-factor aggregation, and scorecard valuation to assess a startup’s pre-revenue value.
  • Get appropriate DCF and debt/equity estimates to assess the present value of your startup’s future cash flows.
  • Utilise the correct numbers for future funding rounds, sharing of equity stakes, and potential acquisition offers.

Raising Plan & Roadmap

A startup fundraising plan and roadmap outlines the current funding stage (pre-seed, Series A, Series B, etc.), key milestones, business goals, and the capital required for the next growth stage. It also includes the current industry landscape, startup positioning, customer traction, and market opportunities on which to capitalise. YouPitchLive will assist in creating an ideal, transparent, and inventor-friendly startup roadmap based on a realistic timeline for the fundraising process to maintain investor interest. 
  • Establish a clear communication plan to keep potential investors informed and engaged throughout the fundraising journey.
  • Keep track of investor meetings, term sheets, funding feedback, and capital raised.
  • Receive a clear and concise startup roadmap that aligns with your pitch deck elements to achieve consistency and cohesion.

Pitching Funnel

Startups invest in developing a sustainable pitching funnel to secure investing and funding from potential investors. A pitching funnel makes potential investors aware of the startup’s existence and its value proposition, helps identify potential investors, nurtures leads to keep investors engaged, secures funding commitments, and builds long-term investor relationships for the future; YouPitchLive specialises in assisting startups in identifying, prioritising, and connecting with the most promising investors.
  • Increase the conversion rate of meetings into the term sheet.
  • Build an investor persona to attract the right VCs and angel investors.
  • Enhance your marketing profile to get noticed. 

Negotiations with Angels

Negotiating with angel investors can be a daunting task for early-stage startups. At YouPitchLive, we understand the challenges you face and are here to help. Our experienced team can assist you in preparing for investor meetings, negotiating a fair valuation, and establishing standard terms that protect your startup’s interests. With our guidance, you can navigate the negotiation process with confidence, ensuring that you secure the best possible funding terms.
  • Industry experts and dealmakers negotiate on your behalf, address counteroffers, and brainstorm alternative solutions that will help you get funded. 
  • Establish a strong BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) to secure alternative funding without feeling pressured to accept a bad deal.
  • Negotiate the proper ownership dilution, liquidation preferences, and anti-dilution provisions for mutually beneficial solutions.

Negotiations with VCs

As we usher in the Phoenix era, negotiating with the right VCs holds empirical importance. YouPitchLive is focused on connecting startup founders with investors to bring sustainable and profitable ideas to life. We have the experience to decipher term sheets and understand their long-term implications for your startup. This is especially advantageous for first-time entrepreneurs and founders who lack negotiation skills, putting them at a disadvantage. Partner with us to get the best terms, quick funding, and market-benchmarking deal structures.
  • Achieve mutually beneficial funding outcomes through effective counteroffer manoeuvring. 
  • Propose alternative solutions and ownership structures to address VC concerns while securing the best value for your startup.
  • Get clear and transparent term sheets and agreements for long-term partnerships to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements.

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