Global Hiring

Tech Remote Team

Finding the right tech talent globally can be challenging. Our venture studio specialises in providing cost-effective yet high-functioning remote tech teams that work beyond time zones to help your startup succeed. Partner with us to focus on innovation, accelerate growth, boost productivity, and reduce technical difficulties as we manage your remote tech infrastructure.
  • Expect a rigorous vetting process and access to highly skilled web and software developers, DevOps engineers, system administrators, and security specialists.
  • Our remote tech teams utilise agile development, front-end and back-end technologies, and cloud infrastructure to minimise downtime.
  • We provide end-to-end recruitment, onboarding, support and performance monitoring to align the team with startup goals.

Marketing Remote Team

A compelling and well-crafted marketing strategy is crucial for startup visibility and growth. YouPitchLive provides exceptional marketing remote team services, allowing startups to tap into a global pool of marketing experts to achieve business objectives and brand visibility.
  • We provide targeted marketing campaigns to meet the unique needs of each startup, regardless of geographic borders, resulting in global engagement and conversion.  
  • We provide targeted marketing campaigns to meet the unique needs of each startup, regardless of geographic borders, resulting in global engagement and conversion. 
  • Creative professionals utilise Brand Storytelling Pyramid and Evoked Set models to craft brand stories that connect with your target audience,

Design Remote Team

Design’s role goes beyond aesthetics, as it is crucial in establishing a startup’s visual identity. By investing in a design remote team, global startups get the power to build a user-centric and strong brand identity that helps achieve business goals. Our venture studio offers premium remote design team recruiting, onboarding, and quality assurance services that transform visions into art pieces.

  • The remote design team will create logos, colour palettes, and typography to establish a unique visual language for your startup.
  • Our remote team researches target markets, gathers user feedback and prototypes solutions to validate product ideas before launch.
  • We offer an agile environment for rapid design iterations based on user feedback and changing market demands.

Finance Remote Team

Startups partnering with venture studios often need a remote finance team to navigate financial complexities and optimise resource allocation. A dedicated remote finance team will help your startup with critical tasks like financial reporting, bookkeeping, budgeting, strategic planning, risk management, and compliance. 

Partner with YouPitchLive to focus on scaling your business while our finance experts continuously monitor financial performance and objectives. We recruit the best talent fluent in US GAAP and IFRS reporting, with expertise in taxation, auditing, and financial analytics that ensures operational excellence, long-term stability, stakeholder reporting, strategic insights, growth and sustainability​.

Ops Remote Team

A remote operations (Ops) team is vital to efficiently managing day-to-day startup activities. eYouPitchLive will provide significant support with dedicated remote Ops teams to ensure seamless logistics, supply chain management, and process optimisation. When you partner with us, expect our teams to keep things organised to avoid chaos as your startup grows.

  • The remote Ops team will identify repetitive tasks that can be automated using CRM tools and software.
  • Our cloud-based SaaS tools, powered by statistical models, will optimise supply chains, predict purchase needs, and personalise service delivery to maximise efficiency.
  • A proactive operational approach helps troubleshoot technical issues, optimise internal processes, and resolve roadblocks to service delivery.

CSO as Service

Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs) bring a broader perspective, strategic depth, and clear vision to a startup’s long-term success. They develop a roadmap to achieve sustainable growth and market leadership. YouPitchLive offers Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) as a Service. It provides startups access to seasoned strategic leaders who use experience to refine Business Model Canvas, navigate complex business issues and solve problems before they derail progress.

Our seasoned CSOs allow startup founders to benefit from high-level strategic insights and actionable plans without needing a full-time executive. Expect our chief strategists to identify opportunities to differentiate startups, build a sustainable competitive advantage, address weaknesses, identify unmet customer needs, capitalise on external opportunities, and develop strategies to mitigate threats.

CFO as Service

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as a Service is sought at critical junctures of the startup development cycle, such as the early growth phase, as the seed stage, and during expansion. At the seed stage, CFOs at startups lay the groundwork for financial strategies and fundraising efforts during the growth phase. They liaise with investors and fund managers while navigating financial complexities by managing cash flow and optimising financial operations.

Our pool of seasoned CFOs brings financial stability and compliance to your startup while working on models that are key to financial forecasting, risk management, borrowing, capital structure, and a healthy debt/equity ratio. This service helps startup founders engage with CFOs while avoiding the high costs of hiring full-time executives. Through strategic guidance and expert support, your startup will be on its way to long-term financial success and scalability.

CTO as Service

Technology leadership constantly evolves, and startups must innovate to maintain competitive edge to survive. Chief technology officer (CTO) as a service by YouPitchLive provides startups with access to visionary tech leaders who can drive technological innovation and strategic development. Our CTOs have extensive experience in software development, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, decentralised blockchain implementation, and emerging technologies to outline and execute a technology roadmap for startup success. 
  • YouPitchLive CTOs provide high-level technical expertise, strategic insights, and leadership without needing a full-time executive. 
  • Make informed technical decisions to implement iterative and flexible software solutions to scale products and services. 
  • Our CTOs identify and mitigate technical and cybersecurity risks that could compromise product or service functionality and security. 
  • Implement robust cloud-based security measures and in-house server system to protect user data and maintain reliability. 

CPO as Service

Engaging a Chief Product Officer (CPO) is critical to the product or service ideation, unique customer journey, user-centric services, and product management. A CPO can help startups refine their product vision and develop a strategic roadmap by overseeing and implementing new product features, conducting user testing, guiding iterative updates, and performing market expansion. Their valuable insights into market trends and user needs to ensure continued relevance and success. Our flexible engagement models ensure that our CPOs are fully integrated into your operations, providing ongoing support and strategic insights to drive product innovation and success.
  • Benefit from seasoned product leaders who can oversee the entire product lifecycle. 
  • Receive product leadership with extensive market research, user experience, and product development. 
  • Gain a strategic edge with optimised product portfolios aligned with market trends and customer needs. 
  • Focus on creating a unique value proposition that differentiates startup products from competitors.

CMO as Service

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is crucial for building a solid brand identity. They define brand voice, visual elements, and story that stays consistent across all online, offline, and social channels. They use industry insights and experience to help startups differentiate from their competitors and optimise local and cross-border marketing campaigns for maximum return on investment (ROI). As service by YouPitchLive, the CMO helps startup founders connect with a talented pool of marketing leaders proficient in digital marketing, brand management, and customer acquisition.
  • The CMO will train sales teams to generate leads and convert visitors into potential customers. 
  • They will collaborate with the product team for cohesion between marketing messages and product features.
  • For early startups, CMOs help develop pitch decks, effective marketing strategies and brand image for long-term success.

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