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You Pitch Live brings you closer to the heart of innovation and investment possibilities.


Collaborate to Build The Innovative Entrepreneur Ecosystem

Our team at YouPitchLive invites investors to collaborate with us in building a dynamic, innovative entrepreneur ecosystem. Together, we can empower startups to bring revolutionary ideas to life, creating opportunities for growth, partnerships, and shared success. By leveraging our platform, investors can engage with a diverse range of startups, access valuable data and insights, and help shape the future of entrepreneurship. Let’s partner to build a vibrant entrepreneurial community that drives meaningful progress and impact.

Fund With Expert Strategies

Accelerate your investment success with expert strategies. Fund wisely and unlock exponential growth. Partner with us for lucrative opportunities and maximum returns.

Focusing On Revenue

Rev up revenue! Maximize growth with focused strategies and lucrative opportunities. Partner with us for maximum returns.

Collaboration Is the Key of Success

Join hands for profitable partnerships! Collaboration is the key to unlocking unprecedented success in today’s market. Our investment ethos is built on fostering a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and trust. Invest with us, and together we’ll craft a future that’s built to last.
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our portfolio companies

Building and investing in future category leaders

Today our portfolio companies have generated more than $2.5bn of equity value, with world’s top sovereign wealth funds, corporates, families and individuals as our partners.


Did you know that a staggering 90% of aspiring entrepreneurs never take their business ideas to the next level?

We are committed to bringing that statistic down! We help entrepreneurs go from idea to pitch ready and give them the tools to transform their idea into a successful venture.


What are we doing?

YouPitchLive is disrupting the way investors interact with entrepreneurs by offering live calls that provide a fun and personal engagement experience.

By joining us, you gain a competitive advantage in discovering the most promising startups and building meaningful connections with their founders.
Networking with investors


Improving The World Through Venture Capital

We don’t take any funds out of your investments once you’re connected with an entrepreneur

Live Calls with Entrepreneurs

Engage in real-time conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs during live pitch calls. No more reading static pitch decks—experience the passion and vision of the founders firsthand

Personal Interaction

Our platform fosters genuine interactions that go beyond traditional communication channels. You'll get to ask questions, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations directly with the entrepreneurs themselves.

Diverse Investment Opportunities

We understand that every investor has unique preferences and goals. With YouPitchLive, you'll have the chance to explore a wide range of industries and investment prospects to find the perfect fit for your portfolio.

Fun and Dynamic Experience

Fun and Dynamic Experience Investing shouldn't be a mundane task. We strive to make the process enjoyable and exciting for you. The live call format adds an element of thrill to discovering groundbreaking ventures and passionate founders.

Build a Supportive Network

Connect with like-minded investors who share your enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship. YouPitchLive is more than just a platform; it's a thriving community of visionaries working together to make a difference.

Our Founders

Hear from the Founders

As founders, we are driven by a bold vision to revolutionize the global venture building ecosystem. We are committed to breaking barriers, challenging conventional norms, and reimagining the way innovation and invention is supported. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, a deep sense of responsibility, and keeping the global 2030 sustainability goals in mind, we are transforming the future, one phoenix at a time. Phoenix ‘ventures’ that we cultivate, don’t just meet the evolving needs of conventional but also future civilizations around the corner. We are simply on a mission to empower communities through a growth mindset, using future proof technologies, so we can better care for humans, animals, mother earth and beyond. Join us on this exhilarating journey and together, let’s shape a brighter, more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

Benjamin Thompson & Amin 🚀

Our Founders Ben and Amin