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A remarkable group of individuals with diverse talents, united by a common purpose. Together, we challenge the status quo, ignite innovation, and deliver extraordinary outcomes. Get ready to meet the dream team shaping the future of investments.

Our Founders

Hear from the Founders

As founders, we are driven by a bold vision to revolutionize the global venture building ecosystem. We are committed to breaking barriers, challenging conventional norms, and reimagining the way innovation and invention is supported. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, a deep sense of responsibility, and keeping the global 2030 sustainability goals in mind, we are transforming the future, one phoenix at a time. Phoenix ‘ventures’ that we cultivate, don’t just meet the evolving needs of conventional but also future civilizations around the corner. We are simply on a mission to empower communities through a growth mindset, using future proof technologies, so we can better care for humans, animals, mother earth and beyond. Join us on this exhilarating journey and together, let’s shape a brighter, more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

Benjamin Thompson & Amin 🚀

Our Founders Ben and Amin

Amin 🚀
Founding Partner

Benjamin Thompson
Founding Partner

Sadiq Hussain
Marketing & PR

Amy-Rose Johnson
Investor Relation & Global Migration

Julie Cazzol